working machines
Working Machines
October 16, 2019
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May 14, 2020

Working Machines CD-Rom (limited stock)


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Design and Technology is a subject-area which has sadly been neglected when it comes to software. With more and more titles catering exclusively for English and Mathematics, Pulse Media Group is proud to present this offering. The software caters for the needs of Year 2 students covering the topic of Vehicles with the focus on mechanisms. Vehicles such as cars may not be completely different from one car to the next. However, there is no doubting the inherent differences in appearance when it comes to working machines. From vehicles with arms to vehicles with buckets, investigating these types of vehicles provides a much wider scope of learning about mechanisms than could possibly be gained by looking at ordinary cars. With added features such as real-life video footage of the machines in action and an audio translation facility for children with language difficulties, Working Machines is definitely something you need to get working for you!