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August 27, 2018
Mobile Apps Scrapheap

Is it me or is it really difficult to search for mobile apps you like on the relevant apps store, download and use/try? I’ve just literally downloaded one app, tried registering with my Facebook account and nothing. Downloaded another app, registered via Facebook and nothing. Downloaded another app, registered via email and nothing. Frustrating is an understatement.

Four million

It’s no surprise that there are over 4 million mobile apps available for download. Of those that do get downloaded, almost a quarter are abandoned after being used once. If you get past the download-register stage that is. Essentially there’s a lot of thrash out there in the world of mobile apps, don’t you think? It might be making a mountain out of a molehill but seriously…

Sadly it appears to be a world flooded with app developers/creators keen to become the next big thing without necessarily creating anything. If that makes sense? App startups seem to have either neglected the new user experience (being able to download and register would be a good thing) or the existing user experience (why are one out of four users who thought they needed our app, realised it wasn’t for them). This is clearly missing off the most important piece of the jigsaw in terms of app growth and success.


I’m pretty sure the mantra of just do it and hacking your way to great mobile apps by getting something out there, refining, repeating is a great way to do things. However, at each stage, there is a stage-gate which involves the customer. A great idea is just an idea, what makes it great is it’s adoption and guess who does that?

For those thinking that the apps I downloaded were never heard of, obscure, mass-produced entities think again. Some have millions of users. It seems somewhere down the line the balance has tipped from the user experience to making the money experience. We know what comes next.

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