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February 23, 2019
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June 30, 2019
prize master

Prize Master is a service offered by Pulse Media Group to business with a product but need to build up a database of leads.

Customers can randomly enter prize draws with minimal effort to win great prizes like holidays, laptops, smartphones and more. With many options to get discounts on products online, customers are always seeking the easiest ways to acquire their favorite items. No reasonable person wants to spend a fortune for the same item which is easily found. For this reason, free services to enter prize draws have been popular for a long time in history. To date, this system retains its relevance just as it did since it began. Online efforts to win lucrative prizes is always an effective way to save a lot of money. Many people have made huge savings just from such programs.

Prize Master

Based on the traditional forms of winning great prizes on demand and loved by many customers, prize-master built on the foundation of a successful venture. It has developed a simple and safe way of getting your desired products faster with each earning. You no longer have to wait until you have all the money needed for the marked price before you can get your holiday or T.V set. Prize Master is designed to help shoppers get closer to their goals faster than the usual long process. Luckily, it has worked for many people since it was installed and has served many people with real results.

Prize Master works by allowing advertisers enough space on the website. They then focus on the best competitions for the masses, which are always free and attractive. The competitions are held across the country, as brands run competitions to promote products and services. The success of the promotions has led to many advertisers to scramble for space and be among the active participants exposed around the county to a host of potential customers. They are shuffled weekly so that customers can check up regularly. There are no cost implications for the customers as all pills are paid by the advertisers.

Why we think Prize master is a great option

Building Customer Databases

Increasing traffic to your site with potential customers is the goal of every business. We all want to attract the biggest crowds and followers online. Sharing information and intriguing the customers more makes it even more worthwhile. For example, you will be building a database of email addresses with the entries to competitions and making your advertising work simpler. Apart from the awareness of your product, you can also gain crucial contacts for user later when sending messages of latest product variations. You have a chance to send newsletters to interested participants and build a bond just by accumulating this database. There is no better way to reach potential customers than directly to their inbox.


Exposure to the business is a crucial factor to focus. Sharing and tweeting information about the competition such as sharing photos will increase the possibility of becoming more visible. Utilize the different platforms to spread information to all subscribers. It is the easiest method today used by most people. Since most people are on social media on a daily basis, it is easy to locate them. Make the followers aware of your items as much as you can by exposing images.


Regulating competitions is a vital part of the process here. Prize Master ensured that there is a standardization process to keep the programs fair. Today, the regulation is effective enough that there is no use licensing before running them. All you need to do is be careful not to organize the competition to encourage an illegal lottery. The experts employed at prize master are tasked with ensuring this does not happen.

Win-win Situation

The business gets the numbers, which translate to profits while the masses get the goods they crave for. Everyone is satisfied and Prize Master achieves its goal. Although there is a slim chance to turn it into a lottery, the competitions are classified as games. These games are fair and give equal opportunities to the players. The more they participate the more their chances of winning increase. The policies and rules governing the games are simple and easy to understand because they are based on probability. The prizes are real too and nobody gets conned or fails to receive their rightful rewards.


There are no limits when it comes to prize master. Any product, which can sell on the market can be used easily without any complications or extra demands. This means that players no longer have to wait until they have all the money necessary for the marked price before getting their prizes. They range from smartphones, home theaters, holidays, vouchers, or T.V sets. Prize master has been designed to help more shoppers to get closer to their life goals quicker than with the normal savings and dependence on salaries or credits.

The Bottom Line

Each one of us wants a prize for our efforts. Since we were young, it was embedded in us to want to win games at parties. This same trend emerges when we play competitions to win prizes and enjoy the satisfaction of this. It seems that we grow old loving to win for free across the board, cultures, and territories. As long as it’s free, we will want to go for it and try our luck. Prize master has a more advanced form of earning the prizes. From a business perspective, running competitions helps businesses to sell up to ten-fold their abilities. The entries, tweets, and shares are as valuable as gold dust for business hence the need to enroll in prize-master. The money spent is equally determined by the cost of the prize chosen.

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